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The OneOneTwelve Initiative aims to recruit dental practitioners to take on individuals with special needs and manage their oral health for twelve months pro bono.

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BDSc, MBioethics, MScMed, PhD,


Speaker, Passionate Advocate,

Career Devoted to Special Needs Dentistry.

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“Good oral health is not a privilege but a human right. The recent Aged Care Royal Commission and the current Royal Commission into people with disability have highlighted with disappointing certainty that in fact, oral health in many with disabilities and advanced healthcare needs is something they can only aspire to. It’s time to realise that every mouth is a mouth regardless of who it belongs to and as such recognise that everyone deserves the right to good oral health.”

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Oral health is fundamental to Nick’s health and wellbeing. He has required regular monitoring and preventive care, orthodontic work, crowns for broken teeth, and treatment for caries. Any significant work has required treatment under general anaesthetic as he has been unable to tolerate procedures in the chair.

With the excellent dental care he has received throughout his life, his oral health remains good and his teeth are all present and in alignment which gives him great function…and excellent self esteem!

Nick's mum, Melbourne

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