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Who am I?

Advocate for better oral health for people with disability as well as a passionate ultra runner

About Mina

Mina has spent her working career in managing and training others about the oral health of people with special needs and was a specialist in Special Needs Dentistry (SND). She developed the first fully accredited specialty training program in SND in the southern hemisphere. She has published and spoken extensively both Nationally and Internationally on why we have the conundrum of poor oral health amongst people with challenging health issues.


She was awarded the David White Award for teaching excellence recognising her innovations in teaching special need dentistry. In addition she received a Citation for outstanding contribution to student learning, Office of Teaching and Learning, Australian Federal Government.

She is also a passionate ultrarunner who uses her time on the trails to problem solve in the oral health space and discover new and different ways to raise awareness and better the oral health journey for people who struggle to even secure basic, routine dental care. Every step, especially the painful ones, reminds her how privileged she is to be able to get out there and watch the sunrise. Despite this she never underestimates how lucky she is that she can put one foot in front of the other and keep smiling when so many other cannot.

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