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Our Mission

To build a dental workforce and raise funds to improve the oral health of people with disability

The difference your donation could make

$5 –Toothpaste or a toothbrush for someone so they can carry out good basic oral hygiene

$10 - High fluoride toothpaste for someone with poor saliva

$20 – Disposable foam mouth props to keep the mouth open during toothbrushing

$50 – A specialised oral care package to reduce the risk of painful tooth decay and gum issues

$100 – An electric toothbrush and toothbrush heads for someone who struggles to hold a manual toothbrush


$200 – Training to carers in a shared home to gain a better understanding of issues around good oral health care, therefore benefiting several residents


$500 – A specialised suction toothbrushing unit for someone with swallowing problems


$1000 – Can help someone have their infected wisdom teeth taken out

$3000 – A set of dentures to someone who has had to have their teeth taken out due to trouble accessing good dental care, so they feel great giving you a smile


$5000 – General anaesthetic treatment for someone unable to cope with having dental treatment while they are awake

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