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24 Hour Track Run

4pm 11th - 4pm 12th MARCH 2023

Box Hill Athletic Club

Hagenauer Reserve, Barwon Street, Box Hill, VIC

Wheelchair accessible event

To recruit dental practitioners to each take on one individual with a disability and manage their oral health for twelve months pro bono.

I will be running/walking/moving for 24 hours.

That’s right, I plan to keep putting one foot in front of the other

to improve the oral health for people with disability.

Food and Drink

Lots of exciting culinary goodies lined up for the day including:

1. Sausage sizzle thanks to Rotary MASH

2. Yummy snacks - sweet and savoury, regular, gluten free and vegan options.

3. Coffee machine

4. Soft drink and sports drink

5. Zooper doopers

Lots of exciting activities from:

1. The AFL,

2. Rugby Victoria

3. Cricket Victoria

4. The Melbourne Stars

5. The Melbourne Rebels

Athletes of all abilities will be joining in for laps including amazing athletes from Special Olympics!

A silent auction with items such as Essendon FC 150th mens guernsey, a cricket bat signed by Michael Clarke, an amazing artwork of a drippy basketball to name a few! See the listings on eBay.


1. A wellness hamper with items donated by Lululemon, Vision Surrey Hills, MacPac, Beautiful Midlife.

2. A foodie hamper with lots of yummy offerings.

Money raised  will be used to facilitate the oral health journey of people with disability who need assistance. 


MC duties by Cameron and James from The Take A Seat Project.


Come along, regardless of ability. Run, walk, do wheelchair laps with me, cheer me on, cheer those circling with me and even better bring along the name of your dental practitioner so we can add them to the list (don’t forget to check with them first). Bring them along! You will be welcome any time. Come in your PJs and do a lap with me at night! How cool would that be! Do a single lap, do a dozen, don’t do any and just say hi. Let’s get out there and really make this a super event to raise awareness around oral health for people with disability and more importantly let’s get that workforce built, that connection made, that community built, one dental practitioner at a time.

Save Your Spot

The Statistics

There are only 25 registered Specialists in Special Needs Dentistry in Australia and all of those are based in major cities. That amounts to 1 specialist per 176,000 people with a disability. (Dental Board of Australia, 2021)


Let's Make A Change

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